Franke T600

The perfect instrument for the perfect espresso

The T600 from the Franke Coffee Systems Traditional Line stands for the most modern technology with typical Italian design. The retro appearance of the  machine is a real eye catcher that still goes with any room decor. The T 600 is not only a highlight in terms of design, but also offers the highest level of barista control _ a perfect marriage of aesthetics and technology.

  • Semi-automatic Espresso coffee machine with 2, 3 or 4 (by special order) brewing groups
  • Separate outlet for hot water
  • 2 different programmable hot water amounts, with an adjustable add mixture valve
  • 2 steam valves for foaming milk + a 3rd wand for autosteaming
  • Economy function reduces the total power consumption of the machine
  • Functional area and drip tray as well as a drip tray instainless steel
  • ITC function for adjustable brewing-water temperature and display per brewing group
  • Boost function for short term, faster heating of the brewing water
  • Electronic monitoring of the filling and temperature control in the boiler
  • Two different water circuits with two different temperatures
  • Electronic grinding degree controls per brewing group
  • EGS function for automatically moistening the coffee pads in the filter
  • Top of device with cup warmer, adjustable to 5 differenttemperatures
  • 4 product selection buttons and a manual brewing button per brewing group
  • Parameter settings for e. g. Coffee and water amount via PIN code
  • Access rights can be secured using a PIN code
  •  Automatic switch-on/off times programmable via a timerfunction